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Tony Barber

Tony Barber

Consultant (retired), BPEL

I am a retired Civil Engineer. I worked for both Civil Engineering Consultants and Contractors. My experience in consulting included working in the Resident Engineers site team responding to queries from the Contractor and ensuring that work was carried out in accordance with drawings and specifications for the construction of a large power station pumphouse for cooling water and an outfall in the river. Office based work included planning services for a new power station and motorway design. My experience in Civil Engineering Contracting included building concrete silos, bridges, piling and marine works. Subsequently, I entered the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry where I worked for over 40 years. I was responsible for preparing studies for pipelines, designing subsea pipeline systems, and project management which included specifying and procuring materials, site supervision and preparing pipelines for operation. I have worked offshore during the construction, testing and pre-commissioning phases. I was also responsible for managing a research project to investigate internal corrosion in pipelines. I have worked in UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway and Abu Dhabi.


"I believe that it is important to inform women that they can work in the construction industry and to encourage the to do so if they wish. Women tend to see situations in a different perspective to men. and are able to bring added value by challenging the stereotype. Women are more suited to certain roles than men resulting in a balanced team."