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Trudi Sully

Trudi Sully

UK and Europe Lead - Industrialised Construction, Mott MacDonald

Trudi is the Region Lead for Industrialised Design & Construction at Mott MacDonald, where a rapidly growing team is delivering integrated utilisation of DfMA, MMC, and platform approaches to unlock greater social, economic, and environmental outcomes. She has had an eclectic career working across a broad range of industries, but largely with a common theme of engaging with leaders - from SMEs to multi-nationals and government departments - to tackle challenges and support transformation. Prior to joining Mott MacDonald, Trudi spent 4 years as a director of the Construction Innovation Hub, working with government and industry to develop tools and approaches that enable improved productivity, performance and resilience. She now champions the transition of this work from research and development into deployment, with a vision for the future of construction as a more diverse, inclusive and progressive industry.


"The best teams I've ever worked with are those that embrace diversity and encourage everyone to have a voice, and never be afraid to use it. Unfortunately, this is still relatively rare, and for young women coming into this industry it can still be a daunting environment with all too few progressing to senior roles. I welcome any opportunity to promote an environment and culture that can lead to more equal, diverse, inclusive, and successful organisations."