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Tunmise Adeyemo

Tunmise Adeyemo

Assistant Project Manager, Prospect BIM firm

I am a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion within the construction industry. With a background in construction management and a fervent belief in the power of diverse perspectives, I have made it my mission to promote equality and opportunity for all individuals regardless of their background. As a Diversity in Construction Ambassador, I am committed to fostering an industry that reflects the rich tapestry of our society, creating a more vibrant, inclusive, and innovative construction sector for everyone.


Driving for diversity in construction is of utmost importance because it not only upholds the principles of fairness and equality but also enhances the industry's strength and creativity. Embracing diverse voices and backgrounds not only enriches our workplaces but also fosters innovation, ensuring that we can tackle the unique challenges of the construction field with a broader spectrum of perspectives and ideas.