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Varsha Ravichandran

Varsha Ravichandran

Junior Sustainability Consultant, Turner & Townsend

An accomplished sustainable architect and project manager whose diverse expertise allows her to drive change across the built environment.
Hailing from the UNESCO storied temple city of Thanjavur, I developed an early passion for culturally inspired design fused with environmental responsibility. I honed my technical skills at Hindustan University, incorporating innovative features like aquaponic urban farms into award-winning hotel projects.
Eager to expand my knowledge, I headed to Edinburgh to complete a master’s in construction project management at Heriot watt. There I gained invaluable expertise in Project, commercial and risk management while leading complex initiatives from concept to completion. Apart from this I am a professional dancer and anchor , and I own an event management company back in India.


"I believe empowerment and passion can motivate each person we come in contact with daily. We all have the ability to make a change for the better through small daily acts." This quote resonates deeply with my personal ethos. Every individual has immense potential for good—we just need to ignite that sense of agency and purpose.
Personally, I try to empower others by promoting equitable access to opportunities, resources, and support systems. I coach my team members to recognize their talents and take ownership of their professional growth. As a sustainability Consultant I take it up my shoulders to invoke sustainability in daily life and empower every one in my life to begin somehwere, I volunteer with organizations that provide STEM education to underserved youth. My passion for sustainability motivates me to lead initiatives reducing environmental impacts at work and in my neighborhood. I truly believe progress emerges from grassroots efforts driven by people's innate care for our world and each other.
While large-scale change often requires top-down policies and resources, lasting transformation stems from bottom-up, person-to-person actions. Simply showing compassion, lending an ear, providing encouragement or inspiration - these small daily acts can spark incredible change by tapping into people's passions. If we all commit to uplifting those around us, just imagine the global good we can create.