Willemijn Wortelboer

Willemijn Wortelboer

Owner, RAW Paints BV
RAW Paints produces mineral paint powder: enabling healthier, safer and happier lives by making the paint industry commercially and environmentally sustainable for present and future generations. It produces mineral paint powder for various surfaces, inside and outside. Adding water at the time of actual painting creates a strong two-component paint. Because water is not used in our production process or in transport, CO2 emissions are saved. RAW Paints’ products contain zero water, zero preservatives, zero pesticides and zero titanium dioxide. It contributes to efficient use of water and paint, enables a healthy way of painting and consuming paint. By producing paint in powder, no preservatives and pesticides are needed to keep paint preserved. These components (VOCs and pesticides) are harmful for human and environment. In addition, RAW Paints also offers the alternative to titanium dioxide as a white pigment in paint. The presence of this substance can potentially cause cancer when exposed during the production of paint or the process of removal of paint (sanding). With RAW Paints we want to change the current paint industry by showing that water is not needed in the production process nor in transport. We sell a white house: the products are characterised by their excellent adhesion to damp surfaces; paint will not flake and therefor end up in surface water. Finally, we address 9 out of the 17 SDG’s in the core of our product for a sustainable future for the generations to come. RAW Paints is therefore the new paint standard.


Over 2 days



At Olympia London's Grand Hall



Across 6 Stages



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