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William Salter

William Salter

Associate Infrastructure Engineer and Chair of Advancing Accessibility Network , Mott MacDonald

William is an Associate Infrastructure Engineer at Mott MacDonald, and he also chairs the company’s Advancing Accessibility Network, one of their Employee Resource Groups. He is passionate about neurodiversity and fairness and has a vision to better educate the construction industry to get the best out of the people within it. 

In his day job William works with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors, ranging from the Built Environment, Water Sector, Client Advisory, and the Energy Sector. He is an experienced Multidisciplinary Design, Project and Portfolio Manager, using his dyslexic thinking strengths to ensure multiple projects are delivered to the highest standards and his clients’ needs are met. 

William was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and struggled through the education system, often told he was thick and stupid and who would never amount to anything. However, he has overcome the crippling doubts and loss of confidence instilled in him since childhood to become a Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He didn’t have a dyslexic role model growing up and wants to change this for dyslexic children going through the education system today, so that others can see that dyslexia doesn’t hold you back.