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Yaeger Irwin

Yaeger Irwin

Founder, Bloom Project Management, Bloom

Bloom is led by founder Yaeger Irwin who has an innate passion to; develop, nurture and bring to fruition projects to achieve the Clients desired outcome and genuinely thrives on the process to deliver outstanding results. This natural desire for success flows through the culture of Bloom and the service our Clients receive.
Founder of Bloom, Yaeger Irwin is passionate and resilient, offering a wealth of experience in delivering high profile, multifaceted and challenging projects.
With 20 years’ experience in managing construction projects, Yaeger has developed a reputation for integrity and tenacity, combining a collaborative client centred approach with consistently successful delivery. While her collaborative and inclusive approach defines her leadership and professional style, she is uncompromising in her commercial focus on delivering to time and budget. She fosters an agile and developmental culture, championing and recognising the successes of colleagues, partners and clients.


I strongly believe in taking risks and trying new things. Every experience, good or bad, is priceless, providing vital lessons that shape your journey. By stepping outside your comfort zone and learning from both others and your own adventures, you pave a solid path toward future success. It’s in this mix of connections and learnings that you build a foundation for not only achieving your goals but also for continual personal and professional growth.