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Yasmin Malecki

Yasmin Malecki

Sponsorship Manager, Womens Business Club

Yasmin's extraordinary accomplishment of securing BD100 recognition for four consecutive years (2018-2021) not only highlights her prowess in business development but also reflects her commitment to fostering inclusion and gender diversity. Acknowledged by The Drum—an initiative celebrating top professionals in the UK Business Development field—Yasmin passionately embodies the values of diversity and authenticity. With an unparalleled and genuine approach, Yasmin intertwines her intelligent mindset with an unwavering hustle, consistently achieving success across diverse industries. Her journey began in London, navigating the landscapes of digital advertising and corporate events, culminating in a pivotal role within TBWA/RAAD, one of the largest global agency networks, in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Throughout her tenure, Yasmin skillfully managed relationships with key accounts such as Microsoft, Nissan, Gold’s Gym, Henkel, and Schwarzkopf, contributing significantly to the agency's growth. As an accomplished client services professional with a global perspective, Yasmin passionately leverages her ambition and talent to identify strategic business opportunities, ensuring her clients reach their growth targets while championing gender diversity and inclusion. Her extensive experience and unwavering dedication make Yasmin a standout figure in the realm of business development, embodying a fervent passion for inclusion and diversity within the industry.


"Driving for equality is crucial to me because it fosters a world where everyone, regardless of background, has equal opportunities to thrive. Embracing diversity not only enriches our communities but also fuels innovation and progress."