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Zoe Walton MCIOB

Zoe Walton MCIOB

Managing Director, FPP Benefits Group limited

Qualified in Law and Chartered buildings, Since 2020 under LAD2, LAD3, HUGS1, ECO3 and ECO4 schemes Zoe has helped over 5000 households in or at the risk of fuel poverty by providing Retrofit Co-ordination and design services. The impact of these schemes audited by FPP is significant. The measures taken help to reduce health inequalities, provide a better home environment for our children, enable the elderly to stay in their own homes for longer and those on low incomes to afford to heat their homes.


"Being a woman chartered construction manager is important because it challenges gender stereotypes and promotes diversity in a traditionally male-dominated industry. It also brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table, contributing to more inclusive and innovative construction practices."