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Zoya Hooda

Zoya Hooda

Part 1 Architect, RMJM

Love to design spaces that provide the opportunity for people to interact and connect in a meaningful way. A passion for contextual architecture and design that emphasizes process, materiality, program, and details. My career in architecture has allowed me to make connections with different cultures, people, and ideologies.


The construction industry is stronger when it is diverse. We need to challenge stereotypes and create a culture where everyone feels welcome and respected. Over the few years I've been in the industry, I have seen things change. More and more women are entering the construction industry, and it's making a big difference. Women bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the construction industry. I'm a woman in construction, and I'm proud of it. I know that my perspective and skills are valuable to the industry, and I want to help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone.