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How Data & AI Can Help Our Sustainable Future | Dr. Georgios Leontidis | TEDxAberdeen

How Data & AI Can Help Our Sustainable Future | Dr. Georgios Leontidis | TEDxAberdeen

Dr. Georgios Leontidis is the Interim Director for Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK, where he is leading the development of the global challenge around data and artificial intelligence. He and his team are carrying out cutting edge research on new technologies that can be used for social good, improving sustainability across the agri-food and energy sector, and making technologies more accountable, trustworthy and ethical. Georgios shares how the technology, data and artificial intelligence we are using in our daily lives, in one form or another, can contribute to our sustainable future. Including his research on agricultural harvesting management, using projection from various data sources to create an optimal schedule for both sustainable and profitable perspectives. He encourages new ideas, new perspectives and new ways of seeing things, including investing in and inspiring young people - as these objectives are of critical importance to the continued progress of sustainable life and work in our futures.

Source: TEDx Talks

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