Deborah Hunter

Over the last 5 years I have been looking after the delivery of customer service for Octink, a market leader in business activation, based in West London and specialising in large format graphic production, general signage, and interiors for the construction and property industry, as well as the retail and exhibition sectors. My role is to build sustainable client relationships, to listen and gain feedback so that we can continually improve our service offering and raise the public profile of the business. This hugely fulfilling and exciting position has given me the opportunity to learn first-hand the many and varied areas within the construction industry, to meet and work with the highly skilled and talented people that make up this sector - from students and apprentices, Sales & Marketing teams, Construction Directors to Company CEOs. My exposure to the sectors these companies are involved in is equally diverse, covering the affordable homes market across the UK to high end luxury London developments. As result of these connections, I have been able to help deliver sustainability/ CSR projects within the community – all of which combined have given me a great understanding of the importance of relationships, and the vast array of opportunities within the construction to use them to make a difference and build a more secure future for this vital industry and to keep on pushing the boundaries of just what is possible.


Over 2 days



At Olympia London's Grand Hall



Across 6 Stages



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